Pavel Checkulaev

I was born in 1983. In 1996 I got my first PC. Since then, I have been closely watching the evolution of the digital world. My education, work and leisure are tied to internet technologies and MMO projects. I am interested in post digital, post internet and speculative design. And my main focus is on the digital world in video games. Being directly involved, following other users and players allows me to explore this theme and analyze the influence that digital space has. I think video games are the last freedom. In the digital world of gaming, we can be anyone, including ourselves.

Moscow, Russia
instagram: @pavel_checkulaev


2020 — 2021 School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops (MMOMA) 2019 — 2021 ICA Moscow 2017 — 2018 New Photo School Elena Sukhoveeva and Victor Hmel 2000 — 2005 Russian University of Transport (MIIT), software engineer

Solo exhibition

2024, “Serialize()”, Art cluster “Akulovo”, Moscow, Russia

Group exhibitions

2023, “CCC”, Zverevsky Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia 2023, “Biohacking. Man-machine.”, Kholmy gallery, Moscow, Russia 2023, 20th 404 International Festival of Art & Technology “Hominis Circus”, National Center for the Arts (CENART) and the Digital Culture Center (CCD), Mexico City, Mexico 2023, “Babie Leto” (“Indian Summer”), Art cluster “Akulovo”, Moscow, Russia 2023, “Dream Space” by Nata Drachinskaya, Chimera Platform, online 2023, “Autopoiesis”, ikiti.lab, online 2023, “Tochki Opory” (“Support Points”), Artishok Center, Moscow, Russia 2022, Regional program of the Biennial “Art for the future” Favorites, Gallery Victoria (Samara), Norilsk Museum 2022, “Baseless Love x”, Cube.Moscow, Russia 2022, “Programmable Art”, Kholmy gallery, Moscow, Russia 2022, “Myth”, Izmaylovo Gallery, Moscow, Russia 2022, “(Bes)(na)(u)silie”, Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow, Russia 2022, “Expired film”, Zverevsky Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia 2022, iDMAa 2022 “Weird Media”, Winona State University, Winona, Minnesota, USA 2022, “TEMPERAT_YRA!”, Bomba gallery, Moscow, Russia 2021, The first International Biennale “Art for the future”, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia 2021, “Moscow without suburbs. Kapotnya”, Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia 2021, “Can't see the edges or where dragons live”, Gallery “na Peschanoy”, Moscow, Russia 2021, “Adaptation”, Workshop 2021, MMOMA, Moscow, Russia 2021, “Multiplicity”, Winzavod.Open, Moscow, Russia 2021, “Time of Things”, Winzavod.Open, Moscow, Russia 2021, Days of Contemporary Art (IX DOCA_2021), Moscow, Russia 2021, “(In)visible cities”, Nagornaya gallery, Moscow, Russia 2020, 17th 404 Festival, MediaDemic, online 2020, “Regard(less) base(less)”, Cube.Moscow, Russia (“The support group” art platform of VII Moscow International Biennale for Young Art) 2020, “Base(less)”, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia 2020, Electromuseum Open, Moscow, Russia 2019, PhotoVisa “InBetween”, Krasnodar, Russia


2019, PhotoVisa “InBetween”, Nomination Photoseries, 1st place